God’s Plan For You Is Perfect And Always In Your Best Interests

He understands every possible permutation of creation from beginning to eternity. And because He understands every possible outcome already, He has planned the perfect conclusion for each all of creations’ potential paths. And yes that means you too.

When you focus on what God asks of you, the few most important things, the rest is taken care of. He will reveal so much more about Himself and His ways. His loving heart, willingness to provide and His concern all people in this world.

Everything God asks us to do is possible when we turn to Him and ask Him for help and strength.

​God wants you to choose His way, He wants you to choose what is full of kindness, honesty, faith, goodness, love and caring. If you face something difficult, He will always guide you towards what is good for you and others.

God’s plan for your life is still active through a broken heart.

Grieving a loss means you’ll feel all sorts of emotions. Sometimes we think there are the “good ones” and others the “bad ones.” But none of these emotions are actually good or bad; they’re simply part of the process of healing from a loss.

Remember that the God you serve is sovereign and all-powerful. God works in the hearts of those who love Him, and He leads those who are willing to go with Him into the uncertainty of the future. So give yourself grace in this time. Give yourself time, and lots of kindness.

And you will be moving forward, and not by the strength of your own two feet, but through the divine grace of the one carrying you. It may not be an overnight fix. It’s a process and a journey. But it’s the road to freedom, and it’s the road God wants for you. So trust His goodness, release control and believe in the future God has in store!

God’s plan for you is greater than the trials you face.

God has a habit of turning things around. Just take Jospeh, for example. His biggest setbacks because the greatest set up for God to place Him in the highest court in Egypt to save a nation.

What looked like the deepest defeat on the cross, because Christs greatest work for the salvation of mankind.

This is your reminder that He is the same God today. He can use any trial for the greatest glory

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