15 Strong And Powerful Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Hoping to pick some names out before your little guy makes his big arrival? Looking for tough boy names that suggest strength and power?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make during (or immediately after) your pregnancy is choosing a name. I mean, that name will be with your little child forever (well, most of the time anyways).

So why not pick a name that has a confident air and a feeling of strength?

 Albert: Albert Einstein was a physicist who formulated the theory of relativity. Did you know that Einstein could not speak until he was four years old?

 Andreas: Andreas is the New Testament Greek variation of Andrew, meaning ‘strong and manly’. The most notable namesake is Andreas Feininger, the famous photographer. You can keep Andrew as a short form for Andreas.

Griffin: Griffin is the name of a mythological creature with the half body of a lion and half of eagle. The meaning of Griffin is ‘strong lord’.

 Ethan: Ethan is one of our most favorite baby boy names. It means ‘firm and strong’, but sounds cheerful. It also has a royal ring to it because of its connections to Wales and England. Tom Cruise’s character in the Mission Impossible film series gave the name a boost.

Jacob: Jacob Zuma was elected as the president of South Africa in 2009. As a name, Jacob continues to rise in popularity.

 Valerio: This name comes from the English word ‘valor’, meaning ‘strength’. The final ‘o’ in this name is adding a macho touch to it.

Malin: Even though this name is not used much, it has loads of personality to it. It’s an English name, meaning ‘strong, little warrior’.

 Edric: Edric is an English name, meaning ‘power and good fortune’.

 Azai: Azai is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘strength’.

 John: John F. Kennedy, John Adams, Pope John Paul II, John Quincy Adam have all been famous. The name John has been popular for ages. When 12 of Jesus’ apostles were called John, rather than just one or two, it gained even greater traction in biblical times.

 Henry: There have been several King Henrys over the years. It is common among the politicians too. The name was an inspiration for one of Shakespeare’s plays. Now that’s one powerful name.

 David: British Prime Minister David Cameroon is another powerful leader of this generation.

 Bill: Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is the wealthiest person in the world. Apart from building a reputation of a serious thinker, Bill is also a philanthropist.

 Isaac: Sir Isaac Newton was the inventor of differential and integral calculus. He’s arguably, the single, most influential thinker in the history of humankind.

Lex: Don’t let this short yet cute name deceive you. In reality, Lex has a very strong meaning. It is of a Greek origin and means “Defending men” –  like a savior of sorts.

Ryder: This popular name has a smart ring to it. It is also not very common and is quite unique. The name has its orgin in English and means “Horseman” or “Knight”

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