What Season Of Life Are You Walking Through?

We are all walking through something today: Good times. Bad times. Times filled with lament. Times filled with laughter. Times of accomplishment. Times of failure. Times when things are easy. And times when things are just downright hard. It’s just the flow of life.

The Bible tells us that there’s a time and season for everything under the sun.

I’m so thankful we have a promise that frees us from difficult times! Things may get worse before they get better, but we know, at some point….. We can confidently rejoice because things will get better — eventually if not now in eternity!

Not only that, but while in the midst of the storm, we may cry, complain, blame, or be in the depths of despair. But the beautiful thing about it is that Jesus is always near — and He proves His faithfulness to us every stinkin’ time.

Don’t forget this today: In our worst moments we can still have hope, peace, and even joy!

Pain is only temporary but God’s love is eternal. If you are in a tough season, this too shall pass. There may have been mourning through the night but joy comes in the morning.

Regardless of the past, every day is a new chance to start with a clean record. A fresh start. A brand new chance to run to and accept God’s unchanging love for you. You are completely forgiven and overwhelmingly favored.

Don’t forcé God’s Hand, trust His plan. God’s plan is always the best. Sometimes the process is painful and hard. But, it will work out for your good. If it’s for you, you don’t have to force anything — His plan will come into fruition.

Jesus has promised to be your strong tower in every storm! You can call on the name of Jesus, and He will cover you and surround you with His faithful love. Rest easy today knowing that in every situation, God is your refuge.

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