Unique Destinations with Sensitive Body Part-shaped Landmarks: The Marvels of Creativity

Visitors can not help but marvel at the mountains shaped like female breasts or rocks shaped like genitals. These are also famous places for infertile people to come to the bridge to have children.

Grand Teton, which translates to “big breasts” in French, is the name of a group of twin mountains in Wyoming, USA, that resemble enormous breasts.

The twin mountains in Ha Giang also look like sexy nipples.

Especially, Mount Rodinga in central Australia (above) looks more like a woman’s breast, or Mount Squaw Teat in the US looks like a nipple and has only one side, so it is called “one-breasted mountain”.

Perhaps the mountain Shuangru Peak located in Guizhou (China) is a mountain with the most perfect breast shape that people call “Giant Breast Mountain”. The foot of this mountain is a popular destination for newlywed couples, who frequently come there to worship and pray for the arrival of children or other blessings.

Pictured just outside St. Catherine’s in Jamaica is a unique vagina-shaped rock, which locals call “Pum Pum rock”. In their slang, this rock means female cat.

This image was again captured in the Alderman Islands in New Zealand and in Boulder Park, California.

Rocks like male genitals are also found around the world, they vary in color and size. The rock in the form of male genitals below has a very rustic name “Rooster”, located in the town of Carefree in the state of Arizona, USA.

in the Hawaiian Islands, on the island of Molokai. According to legend, if a woman spends her evenings near this rock, she will conceive, which explains the rock’s white patches.

There are additional rocks in strange shapes at Sung Sot Cave near Ha Long Bay, including a big turtle, a Buddha statue that is distinct, and most famously, a massive stone column shaped like a male penis.

This is considered a fertility symbol worshiped by the locals.

Penis rock in Kodachrome State Park in Utah.

The rock formations in the Cappadocia love valley are thought to be the most stunning and perfect, in contrast to certain other rock formations. These stone pillars were known as “Big Stoney” because of the way their tops protruded into the sky. Nature really favors the Turkish city of Cappadocia. Not only the stone forest bears the symbol of fertility, but also the beautiful natural scenery around.

Nature skillfully sculpts sensitive stone shapes in a standard and strangely beautiful way. In the Sagada cave system (Philippines) there is a rock in the form of female genitalia called “Vagina Queen”.

Right next to this rock is another rock in the form of male genitalia called “King of penis”.

The world’s most well-known penis and clitoris stones are thought to be represented by the rocks Ong Hin Yai and Ba Hin Ta on the Thai island of Koh Samui. Especially among young couples, this is one of Thailand’s most well-liked tourism destinations.

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