Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Sometimes we hear the truth of God’s Word but then we forget. We have to keep meditating on His Word until it becomes a part of us.

The Word of God is medicine for our souls, and we should take our medicine regularly. God’s medicine – His Word – has unlimited refills, and its side effects are life, healing, strength, joy, and restoration.

Today, no matter what you are facing, choose to believe God’s Word. Know that He loves you and wants the best for you. He is working in your life and taking you one step at a time. Let His love build confidence and security in you because He is faithful, and He will finish the work that He started in you!

The Word of God is your anchor. Drop it deep in your spirit and stand strong when the storms come.

Today, don’t let your thoughts push you around; instead, push your thoughts around. Renew your mind to the Word of God by meditating on His promises. Feed your faith and open the door to His blessing and provision.

No matter where you’ve come from, no matter what your upbringing, God has given each person a measure of faith. We all start at the same point, but it’s up to us to water and grow our faith by spending time in the Word of God.

Scripture says that the strong spirit of a person sustains them. How do you keep your spirit strong? By feeding it the Word of God every single day. You wouldn’t go very long without eating food, don’t let your spirit starve either.

One thing is certain in life: change. Years change, seasons change, people change, but the Word of God never changes! His promises are forever settled in heaven!

Prayer for The Mind: God, because I know Your Word, I can take every thought captive. Help me to come into perfect agreement with Your Word. Give me the wisdom to reject negative thoughts and fix my mind on what is true and honorable and right.

Lord, I want to know the truth of Your Word down deep. Help me to hide Your scriptures in my heart so I can come into agreement with You whenever I sense a need in my spirit.

God, thank You for Your perfect direction, Your wisdom and guidance, and Your unfailing love. I know Your Word is true, and I’m believing You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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