The Most Strange Plants In The World !! You Won’t Believe They Even Exist

Hello, everyone, today I want to tell you about some plants that you won’t believe actually exist.

The first plant called Milk melon :

You can find these plants in Vietnam, it’s called milk melon because it resembles a woman’s breast.

One of the most surprising of the plant world! Orchis italica or known as the naked man orchid

Orchis Italica, known as the naked man orchid, is one of the most surprising of the plant world! The Orchis Italica is a rare orchid from the Mediterranean with a quite surprising shape. Indeed, we can distinguish small bare snowmen’s hence its English name “Naked Man Orchid”.

Its distribution area, centered on southern Italy, extends from Morocco to the west in Lebanon to the east. She is absent from Sardinia and Corsica.

Dracula simia, called also monkey orchid or the monkey-like Dracula

The dracula simia, known as ‘the monkey orchid’ is usually found in cloud forests more than 2,000metres above eye-level in Peru and Ecuador. ‘Dracula’ literally means ‘little dragon’ in reference to the two long spurs which protrude from the petals like fangs. ‘Simia’ refers to the plants monkey-like appearance.

The orchid was only named in 1978 by the botanist Luer, but is in a family containing over 120 species mostly found in Ecuador. Up in the cloud mountains the Monkey Orchid can flower at any time – it is not season specific. It’s scent resembles that of a ripe orange.

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