Thank You God For Your Faithfulness, Lord Jesus Thank You For Your Trust And Love

Maybe you’re sitting in the ashes looking at what you lost, what didn’t work out, what you’re up against. You could easily live discouraged. It may feel like a wildfire, but the truth is, it’s a controlled burn. God wouldn’t have allowed it if you weren’t going to come out better. There are seeds of increase, seeds of healing, seeds of destiny that are about to open. It was unfair, but when you come out on the other side stronger, healthier, more confident, more fulfilled, you’re going to say, “Look what the Lord has done!” There was freedom in the fire. There were new levels in the fire.

Everything happens for a reason and we have to trust that GOD knows what he’s doing. I know from experience, I’ve been through the fire and sit in the ashes, but God made everything better, made me better and yes, there was freedom in the fire!! God is good and I’m so glad I’m a Christian.

God is always there to help us to grow and learn. Sometimes i often ask why God let us to struggle? Gradually, i realized that because failure and setbacks will help us to become a courageous person in this world, so God timing is always perfect. Therefore, stick with him and God will help you to sustain your strength to keep going.

There was freedom in the fire. God doesn’t allowed if he know there’s beauty in the fire. The purpose is to become you more a better person than before. You come out to be strong and courageous. Good determination, in that you can fulfill your destiny, because God never leave you. Thank you God for your Faithfulness, Lord Jesus thank you for your trust and Love.

Stop looking back on what didn’t work out for you, leave It behind and start focusing and believing in God to turn things around to favor you.

God knows what’s best for you. He didn’t brought you this far to leave you nor forsake you. Trust the process, when the time is right, God himself, will give You testimony which is beyond human understanding, with God all things are possible, God Is Too Faithful To Fail You.

For the Lord God ways are not our ways neither His thinking is our thinking. I’ve always trusted upon the Lord God by soul and mind, faithfully being certain, Who dwells in Heavens has amazing; Love, mercy and every grace upon my life. How I worship and glorify my Heavenly Father for every seeds of greatness, seeds of healing and seeds of destiny that are about to open in my life. How I gives thanks to God for His every promise.

God is always there to help us to grow and learn. We ask some times why God let us struggle ! Then we realized he is testing our faith!! We will be tested every now and then. God timing is always perfect.

Thank you Lord, because you are always with me and never leaving me or forsaking me. I am still in the fire but I know very I will come out courageous and stronger because God Almighty is with me. Thank you Father!

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