Sculpting the Soul of the Shoreline: Jeffro Uitto Extraordinary Wood Creations ‎

Wood sculptures are not something new. However, this artist, Jeffro Uitto, also known as “Knock on Wood” on social media, has a remarkable ability to bend wood to his will; in fact, his methods are so distinctive that they cannot even begin to compare.

Jeffro skillfully crafts stunning sculptures out of a variety of wood fragments that he finds usually on the beaches of Washington State, USA.

The animals that are typically included in these sculptures are horses, eagles, rhinos, and lions, among many more.

“On the Washington coast, there’s a place where nature’s leftovers get a second chance at stardom. The place is Knock on Wood, and [I am] the artist making the magic happen.” – says Uitto on his website.

When starting a sculpture, Uitto has an initial idea of what will be done but adapts as the work progresses. He never knows exactly what will result from his work.

Jeffo says that ever since he was a child, he liked collecting wood, especially driftwood that had patterns beaten into them by the waves. Despite its hardness, driftwood almost seems to have feelings of its own that serve as inspiration for artists. The artist aims to underscore that every thing possesses an inherent ‘life’ through his distinctive artworks. A life that could be portrayed in an artistic creation.

Most of Jeffro’s tools are handmade by the artist himself, which is often surprising for visitors that stumble across his shop near the historic Tokeland Hotel.

“It’s really nature-inspired, the love and curiosity for the subjects and the infinity of materials. The sheer number of people that find a connection with these sculptures is quite inspiring. Additionally, it’s critical to raise awareness of these creatures’ extinction and enigmatic beauty.” – said the artist.

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