Say “Yes” To All of God’s Promises

Don’t let fear keep you from God’s promises. Set your focus on the Father’s love! “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.” Exodus 14:13

Say “Yes” To All of God’s Promises. When you say “Yes” to God, when you have an open and humble heart toward Him, you have access to all that He is—and He is everything that you need.

Our “yes,” our “Amen,” will bring about God’s promises in our life.  When you say yes to God, you’re strengthening yourself, you’re growing. Don’t change your yes to a no because it’s taking a long time, or because you don’t see how it’s going to work out.

God’s delay is not His denial; it’s preparing you for what’s to come. God is working in you so that you can take hold of His promises.

God has given you the gift of grace. There is grace and provision in your account to draw from daily. That is what’s going to strengthen you, and become everything you’re called to be. Say yes to what He wants to do through you, to the promises He wants to bring forth in your life.

Start by saying “yes” to God’s promises and “yes” to His plans knowing that they are for your good. When you say “yes” to God, you open the way for Him to move mightily on your behalf!

No matter what opposition you face, hold fast to your commitment to God. It’s up to you and me to declare God’s goodness, to hold fast to His promises, and to not pay attention to the naysayers and all the things that come against us.

We just need to keep marching on with God because He is faithful, and He will bring it to pass. Remember that every time you say yes to God, you’re one step closer to the next place God has for you, and you will be a beacon of hope to all those around you.

God will never, ever fail you. He will bring His promises to pass, but it will be His perfect timing.

We need to remember that the quality of the promises takes time, versus instant satisfaction. We may want to snap our fingers and have God deliver His promises, and that is just not how it works. God is eternal and is timeless. He is there with us in the unknown and we can trust in His timing.

Saying “yes” to Jesus isn’t a one-time thing. Wake up every morning and choose to say “yes” to Him in our minds, in our attitudes, and in our actions.

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