Lady Rai – One Of The Oldest Mummies Of Egypt ‎

Let’s look at another mumm? found in the Deir el-bahri cache, who ma? be one of the “most perfect examples of embalming…from the time of the earl? 18th Dynasty.”

Lad? Rai was an ancient Eg?ptian woman from the earl? 18th D?nast?. Little is known about her life, but she served as a nursemaid to Queen Ahmose- Nefertari. Although there is no proof of her lineage, it is likely that she was born into one of the affluent families in Thebes or Deir el-bahri.

Lad? Rai’s original tomb is not known, but it was most likel? looted in anti?uit?, which is wh? she was reburied in the cache in Deir el-bahri. She was originall? buried in two coffins, but it seems her outer coffin is all that was preserved. but Rai’s bod? was not found inside it.

The onl? personal belongings of Lad? Rai that have been found was a single barrel-shaped carnelian bead on her right wrist. This is just a fraction of what Rai’s jewelr? was before.

As I previously stated, G. Elliot Smith referred to Ladmas Rai’s matronly mummy as “the least ?nlovel?” among the mummies that are currently in existence and one of the best instances of 18th-century embalming. The mummy was wrapped by Smith on June 26th, 1909. Rai was a slim woman onl? about 4 foot 11 inches. She was estimated to be about 30 or 40 ?ears old when she died around 1530 b.C.E.

Her scalp retained abundant amounts of what appears to be her own hair, not a wig, which would have been more common. This was st?led in tightl? plaited groups of braids down to her chest. Rai’s teeth onl? had slight wear. In 2009, the mumm? was CAT scanned, which revealed that she had a diseased aortic arch and thus the oldest known mumm? with evidence of atherosclerosis.

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