I Pray My Relationship With God Gets Even Better In 2023

God is good. Why wouldn’t you want a relationship with God? Everything He tells us not to do is for our benefit—everything. He wants you to have a good life, an amazing life.

Don’t put your denomination on a pedestal, focus on your relationship with God.

God is love. God is justice. He’s kind. He’s merciful. He’s full of grace. He’s good. There’s no reason not to want a relationship with God because there’s nothing about Him that’s anything but good.

A relationship with God is much more than reading Scripture each day, going to church once a week, giving some money in the offering, and perhaps doing a few good deeds. That is mere religion, but the rich and wonderful relationship we are offered through faith in Christ is a partnership.

He gives us ability and expects us to use it, all the while trusting in Him. He is also ready to handle anything we cannot handle. I like to say, Trust God to help you do your best, and trust Him to do the rest.

God is willing to do a lot of things in our life, but He needs us to agree with him. You see, we’re partners with God. God doesn’t just come along and do things.

God wants us to pray and ask for things, or if He promises us something, He wants us to believe it. ​​Love Him with all of your heart. Love Him with all of your mind. Let Him in and He will bring peace and light into every aspect of your life.

A relationship with God is the most powerful source for life on this Earth. Truth be told….if you don’t have a strong relationship with God, you won’t know what true, unconditional love looks and feels like.

Because of His sovereignty we are fulfilled and covered by a love that is greater than this world. No matter what we go through, we are never walking alone.

Having a relationship with God is so unique. He is the One who knows every detail of our lives—every hurt, every failure, every detail of every moment—and who has never abandoned us. God’s patience should never be confused with His absence. His timing is perfect and His presence is constant.

Not only is He not surprised by the circumstances that you face, but He is ready to face them with you, with the power of Heaven behind Him.

So where are you praying for God to show up in your life today?

A relationship with God is an incredible gift that allows us to bring our joys, hopes, fears, worries, and more to the throne of the Creator at any time of day or night. Anything you have on your heart can and should be shared with the Lord.

He is big enough to take our concerns into His hands and personal enough to meet us right where we are. He loves you, He can help you and He longs to hear from you.

My relationship with GOD is my number one focus. I know that if I take care of that, GOD will take care of everything else.

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