Healing Your Heart To Burn For Jesus

Psalm 139:23 – “O God, let the secrets of my heart be uncovered, and let my wandering thoughts be tested”

In healing an imperfect heart, one must be sincere and humble himself to first bring his mind, thoughts and intents under examination with the word of God. David’s prayer is a deep prayer for heart consecration.

Imperfect heart is revealed and healed when there is a sincere uncovering of the heart and thoughts. Constant meditation is used to generate thoughts. What you pay attention to generates thoughts over time, and these thoughts in turn influence your behaviors.

God will take you where you’re at and He’ll help you get to where you need to be. God can use you on every level. A flawless person does not make no mistakes. A flawless heart is one that is entirely committed to God and loves Him with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

When God puts a promise in your heart, you have to have a “never say die” attitude. You may not see how it may happen; it may appear that it is too late, that you are too old, or that the challenges are too great.

You can come up with a thousand reasons why it won’t work out. But don’t let yourself persuade yourself out of doing it. Keep thanking God for it, and keep believing when things don’t seem to be getting better. Don’t be moved by what’s not changing; walk by faith and not by sight.

Don’t let people keep you from what God put in your heart. Always be respectful, but remember, you’re not going to have to give an account of what you did with your life to people; you’re going to stand before God. I would rather disappoint people than disappoint God. I would rather hurt a few feelings than miss my destiny.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and you shall love your neighbor even as you love yourself.” That’s what God has called us to do, to love Him and to love people!

God, You know everything I’ve been through and You are able to help and heal me. Lord, I ask for your healing right now. Your Word says that you love me unconditionally  and I want to know it down deep. Amen.

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