We thank Almighty God this day for opening yet a new season in your life Ma. We celebrate Grace!

We immensely appreciate your love, teachings, impact, passion and contributions targeted towards lifting souls and giving them hope in fulfilling their purposes in life.

You are indeed an exemplary figure to reckon with and may the Lord continually empower you for greater works in his vineyard, Amen.

We pray that the Almighty God bless your new age in health, strength, wisdom, beauty and peace of mind. May he satisfy your life with good things and defend you always.

May his ever abiding presence be with you and your household and Heaven will not be a lost Cause for you in Jesus name.

Happy Birthday Sweet Mummy and anointed woman of God. I wish you many many more years of glorious service in the vineyard of the Lord. And May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you. Age gracefully.

Once again, happy birthday to an outstanding woman of God.

Congratulations and God’s unfailing blessings.

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