God Is About To Drop A Miracle That Will Cancel Every Worry In Your Life

Jesus said, “All things are possible for one who believes.” Are you believing for God to come through?

The Bible says- “God will do abundantly far beyond all you can ask, think or imagine.”

God is a God of miracles! I started relying on Jesus to come through when I was 24 and my life completely transformed!

It’s easy to get so busy with our own lives that we forget the people around us may need something from us

God wants to flow through us to other people and use us as an instrument of His love, to be His hands and feet to them. But we’re never going to be that until we begin to understand that we are directed to follow this love and let it guide us.

Compassion is from God and has miracle-working power in it. He wants you to release your influence, your power, your love on this earth.

The little you have in your hands becomes much when you place it in the hands of God. He will use you to transform the people around you. Look for ways to be a blessing everywhere you go. Remember, you can be someone’s miracle today!

I was completely broken, afraid, sad, and lost. But when I truly asked God for help and prayed for a miracle every night, I got more than I imagined.

Sleep well tonight tomorrow morning God is going to send you a miracle that will cancel every worries in your life.

Breaking news God is answering all your prayers now receive your miracle in Jesus name Amen.

Remember, you are somebody’s miracle today. You have the power to change someone’s life through a smile, an encouraging word, an act of kindness, or a gift. You are blessed to be a blessing.

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