Don’t Miss This Powerful Message, “The Hand of Blessing” From Joel Osteen

Sometimes God will let you get in a difficult situation, things you don’t understand. It’s not fair. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have the blessing. The blessing is what’s going to bring you out. God is going to use that situation to show His power through you. When people see how it turns around, how you defy the odds, how you get a better position, they’re going to know the blessing is on your life. God will use you to spread His fame.

Don’t let what people have spoken over you keep you from your greatness. The enemy would love for you to live limited, not go after your dreams, not feel attractive, think you can’t be successful. When those lies try to push you down, you need to close your eyes and imagine God’s hand of blessing placed on you.

This blessing is more powerful than what people have told you. It’s more powerful than lies the enemy whispers. The blessing on your life will override every negative voice that’s trying to hold you back.

The blessing on your life will override every negative voice that’s trying to hold you back. The only thing that can stop the blessing is if you believe the lies if you think you’re limited, you can’t go further, you’re not that talented, “Everyone in my family struggles”.

That may be true, but you’re the difference-maker, you’re the one to defy the odds, you’re the one to set new standards. If you keep the appropriate attitude, understanding that you’re lucky, fortunate, envied, and successful, God will show up in your life, just as he did for Robert. He’ll take you places you never thought possible.

Isaac went out in the middle of the famine and planted his fields. His neighbors thought, “What’s wrong with this man? Doesn’t he realize there’s no way to water the crops, no way anything will grow?” I can hear them laughing, making fun. But Genesis 26:12 says, “That year, Isaac’s crops were tremendous. He harvested a hundred times more than he planted because the Lord blessed him.” Notice where the blessing came from: it wasn’t the water, the soil, the seed. It was because the Lord blessed him. God can favor you in a famine. He can prosper you in a pandemic. The circumstances don’t determine the blessing.

No matter how hard people try, no matter what they say or do, they cannot stop the blessing on your life. What God has spoken over you overrides every negative voice, people telling you what you can’t do.

This is a new day. Freedom starts with you, wholeness starts with you, abundance starts with you, victory starts with you. Your blessing will cause you to go where no one else in your family has gone before. Forces that have held you back are currently being dismantled. God is about to give you access to new levels of influence, resources, opportunities, and connections. You’re going to be able to say, not as faith, but as fact, “I am blessed, I am happy, I am fortunate, I am to be envied, I am prosperous.”

Like the patriarchs of old laid hands on their children and blessed them, the Highest God has placed his hand a blessing on your head. It’s a blessing that will cause you to go where you can’t go on your own, to overcome what seems too big, to accomplish dreams that look impossible.

All through the day, just imagine that hand of blessing is on your head. “Father, thank you that I am blessed, I am happy, I am fortunate, I am to be envied, I am prosperous”.

Like Robert, any negative words spoken over you are being broken. The blessing is overriding the curse. Freedom is coming, promotion is coming, healing, favor, abundance, the fullness of your destiny, in Jesus’ name. And if you receive it, can you say amen today? Amen.

Now, don’t negate that by living a negative life, believing that your issues are too huge and that you’re at a disadvantage – that would be true for regular people, and I’d believe it if you were average, but I know who you are.

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