Dad And His Son Weeping Tears Of Joy Over Newborn ‘Miracle Baby’

The first time you are able to hold your kid after nine months of anticipation can be an extremely emotional experience. Do you believe in miracles?

A heartwarming clip of a father and son weeping joyfully over the birth of their newborn daughter and sister, respectively, has elicited thousands of responses on social media.

Pastor João Prudêncio Neto revealed that he became infertile after he and his wife had their first child. Unwilling to undergo a medical procedure, he turned to God for healing.

He said:” I waited patiently for the Lord. He inclined to me and heard me when I creid for help. I became infertile after having our firstborn son David. With no spermatozoids, it was impossible to become a parent again. My wife, Karolinne Prudêncio, was in good health and wished to have another child. Until the Lord Jesus healed me, giving me life to produce another.”

Even little David had longed for a little brother or sister for a long time, but the more the years passed the more their hopes faded. Caroline became pregnant with Giovanna despite Joao’s apparent infertility until a true miracle occurred in 2020.

A girl, who was born quite naturally in March 2021, obviously the whole Neto family was enthusiastic about what had happened.

Joo Prudencio Neto and his son David from Brazil are seen grieving as they hug the new addition to their family in a video posted to Instagram on March 4, 2021.

The emotion on their face is one of pure thankfulness for the precious gift they have in their hands. According to the post, Neto’s wife, Karolinne, is in good health, as is their baby child, Giovanna. The tears from Neto and David are from pure joy and gratitude for the infant that they have called a ‘miracle.’

Seeing such real emotion after a baby’s birth is immensely touching, especially given how long this family has been waiting for their little girl. Neto included a verse from the bible in the caption of his post.

He also shared in his post: “Giovanna’s birth is not only a blessing for our family but also for all those who dream of one day living the miracle that only Jesus can do. Every day, we prayed for a miracle. Without any medical intervention, I became a father again. All this emotion is for the miracle that took place; my wife is very well and happy!”

The birth of Giovanna shows that the LORD continues to perform miracles and listens to His people even today.

Neto hoped that the birth of his daughter will inspire others, who are in the same situation, to continue trusting the LORD.

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