Caught Stealing By Stealing The Moon

One of the stories in the book titled , “The moon escaped again” is the story of a little kid (3-4 year old) who once at the bed time nagging because he wanted “the moon” on a full moon night. So the siblings told him to calm down and the moon is up there and no one can get it down!

Until, the wise mother came around and asked the little one, what was the problem?

He said “ I want the moon”. Ohh, the mother said,  OK we will try to get the moon, and asked the siblings to bring the big round basket they used to collect the dishes to be washed in. Imagine a big round drain basket ! She took the little kid around the the big pond in the yard, and showed him the moon in the water!

Then she said, I get the moon now. She slowly slipped the basket under the moon in the pond and brought it up. The magic of the moon was in the basket and little kid was all smile. Then mother took the basket out and the moon escaped from it:( She said, don’t worry my child, I’ll catch it up for you again and did that again and again and again …. The little kid happily fell asleep thinking he got the moon.

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