A Trans Man Becomes Pregnant And Delivers A Boy

Wyley Simpson, a trans man, was taken aback by the pregnancy, but his child was born healthily. In a rare instance, a transgender man in Texas, USA, gave birth to a newborn boy. The father of little Rowan is Wyley Simpson, a transgender man who is 28 years old, and his fiancé Stephen Gaeth. Wyley thinks she won’t be able to conceive. Despite having a female physique at birth, he has always considered himself to be a man. He began taking testosterone as a result at the age of 21 at my doctor’s advice.

He got breast-removal surgery when he was 23 years old. Wyley continued to have a vagina and a bemale even after she stopped menstruating for a long time. Doctors informed Wyley that his lack of periods and the large dosage of testosterone he was receiving prevented him from becoming pregnant. So Wyley and Stephen are not worried about getting pregnant.

But Wyley took a pregnancy test after being incredibly queasy and discovered she was 11 weeks along! “When I discovered I was pregnant, I became really emotional and started crying. I was also concerned because I knew that being a pregnant man would subject me to a lot of prejudice, which I did.

But in the end, it was all worthwhile since I had a healthy baby boy named Rowan and am now enjoying being a father with my fiance. Wyley gave birth to baby Rowan in September 2018, who was delivered through C-section and weighed 3.4 kg. The infant is now four years old and in excellent health. Wyley stated that he had no intention of getting pregnant again, despite the fact that he does not regret being pregnant and having a kid.

“I plan to make a full transition to having male genitals in the future. So the chances of you getting pregnant are very low. But it was such a wonderful feeling to hold my son in the womb, feel him move and have the ultrasound. I’m grateful to have had a natural pregnancy, but I don’t want to get pregnant again.”


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