3 Sisters Share Same Birthday, 3 Years Apart: “It Would Be So Crazy If They Came On The Same Day”

A set of Florida parents have been blessed three times over, as they’ve welcomed all three daughters on the very same day, exactly three years apart.

On Aug. 25, the Lammert family celebrated the birthday of three sisters — Sophia 7, Giuliana, 4, and Mia, 1 — who were incredibly all born on the same day three years apart.

“It was for sure not intentional,” mother Kristin Lammert, 33 said. ” “It wasn’t even a thought at first.”

The Lammerts, from Oviedo, Florida, knew their daughters would have birthdays close together, but never thought they’d share the same day.

“It was definitely more of a, ‘Oh my gosh, it would be so crazy if they came on the same day,”’ father Nick Lammert, 34, said. “But they again were due almost a week apart.”

The Lammerts’ triple miracle began in 2015, when the couple’s first kid was due and the mum, who lives in Oviedo, became pregnant.

“My pregnancy was an incredibly easy one. Zero complications throughout,” she shares. “At the very end of the pregnancy, I had consistent contractions, but they weren’t progressing past two centimeters.”

“I wound up being induced due to the baby’s heart rate lowering during contractions,” she continues. “[Sophia] was able to be delivered safely. My due date was August 23, 2015, and she was born on August 25, two days late.”

During her second pregnancy with Giuliana, Kristin admits it “was a little more challenging” due to the constant nausea she felt.

She remembers that “the baby was thriving the entire time.” “I truly believed that my second child could arrive early. However, since I needed an induction the first time, I knew that she would have to make that happen on her own. My doctors never performed an early induction “just because.””

Giuliana may have sensed it, because during Kristin’s last obstetrician checkup, the doctor sent her to the hospital for an induction because she had slightly raised blood pressure.

“When I suddenly developed high blood pressure at the end, I have joked that that was Giuliana’s way of making sure she shared birthdays with Sophia,” Kristin says. “My due date with Giuliana was August 29, 2018, and she was born on August 25, 4 days early.”

Three years later, it was Mia’s time to shine — but not without a few bumps in the road.

Preeclampsia, a significant blood pressure problem, was discovered in Kristin at 37 weeks pregnant. As a result, physicians chose to induce labor on August 23, weeks before her due date of September 8. On August 25, Mia showed up.

“When she was born, we just looked at each other like, ‘Did that just happen? … Are they serious? All three are the same day?” Kristin said. “And now the nurses are running in asking for the numbers so they can go buy a lottery ticket.”

Statistically, the odds of delivering two siblings on the same day, let alone three, is extremely rare, Gray said.

“It’s not very common at all,” Gray said. “Even when you try to time that, that would be logistically very difficult. So it is pretty wild that she’s delivered three children, naturally, unplanned, on the same day and years apart.”

This year will be the first the Lammert girls celebrate their “triple crown” birthday together, but Sophia is no stranger to joint parties.

“She didn’t realize it was unique until kind of recently where she’s like, ‘Oh, so siblings don’t all share birthdays?'” Kristin said.

This year, their party will be, in the words of Sophia, their “biggest party yet” and is both Barbie and mermaid themed. Despite having to share attention — and a cake — the girls have no problem combining their special day.

“It’s definitely on us as parents to instill in them that it is very special,” Nick said. “And they have never uttered or even thought about not sharing a birthday. … I think it’s a special bond between all of them.”

Looking ahead to the future, Kristin says she’s excited to “see their personalities develop over time.”

“Sophia and Giuliana have such a tight bond, that I joke — and hope — that they will allow Mia into their ‘squad’. So far, it looks like they will,” she says. “I’m so excited for all the future birthday extravaganzas, to create lasting family memories and all the future family vacations.”

“We feel like it was fate, how it all aligned,” Kristin said. “If it winds up working out again in August, that would be incredible.”

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