Trust requires us to place our times in God’s hands, believing that His timing is perfect for all things in our lives. Good things should happen now, not later, according to human nature. But as we mature in our walk with Jesus, we learn to believe for things not immediately, but in God’s perfect timing.

Trusting God often means not knowing how He’s going to accomplish something, and not knowing when He will do it. However, not knowing how or when something will happen tests our faith and teaches us how to trust. Remember: Trust isn’t inherited—it is learned.

Learn to trust God’s timing! When you begin to doubt, remember all God has already done for you.

Trust God no matter what. Believe that God is good. Trust God’s timing. Joyce encourages you that If you do this then no matter what you’re going through, no matter how unjust or unfair it seems, He will give you what is right for you at the right time. Watch below and learn to trust God more.

Timing plays an important part in learning to trust God. You’ll be able to give up believing in your own understanding or skill as you continue to experience His faithfulness, and place your life in His more-than-capable hands. What a wonderful place to be!

Galatians 6:9 encourages us to keep doing what’s right, for in time we shall reap God’s blessings. There is a right time for all things in our lives, and there is safety in being in God’s perfect timing. Being frustrated will not make Him hurry. Enjoy today.

We can definitely trust God! He may not always give us what we want, but if He doesn’t, it is because He has something better in mind for us. We are usually in a hurry, but God is not, and His timing will be perfect!

It is not possible to thoroughly enjoy your life and be content if you’re not going to totally trust God for the right timing in your life and the right provision.

God’s timing is not always comfortable for us, but it is always right. If you move in God’s timing, there will always be an anointing that makes it easier.

God won’t let you down! He will bring justice; He will pay you back for what you have lost or missed out on. While you wait, be thankful and know that God’s timing in your life will be perfect.

Your time for breakthrough is coming. Even when you don’t see anything changing, you can trust God’s timing. What He promised will come to pass. Keep honoring God with your life, stay in peace, trust His timing and God will open doors that no man can shut.

Prayer Starter: Father, I know Your timing is perfect, and I trust You completely with my life and my circumstances. Please help me not to be in a rush, or try to make something happen too soon. Thank You for having the best plan, and for helping me trust Your timing. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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