You Are A Child Of God, He Loves You And Knows You And Knows You Personally

Even when you run away from God, He will still relentlessly pursue after you. Even when you turn away from God, He will still look with unceasing love on you. Even when you stumble and fall, He will still mercifully help you rise up.

God loves you like crazy, and He longs to meet you in your mess, He wants to change you. He will be always there for you — even when others walk away from you.

The question is: Do you want Him to change you, lift you up, and hold you in His loving arms?

God’s love for you is strong enough to overcome any other love that has failed you. Whatever struggle you’re facing… You can overcome under the might of God’s unwavering — powerful hand. His love isn’t merely a doctrine, but an experience — God uses us to give.

It’s one thing to hear someone say, “Jesus loves you.” It’s an entirely different thing to see His love in them; not only see it, but feel it; not only feel it, but enjoy it.

He loves you — not just people in general, but you as a person. He cares about your life and wants to be part of it. Even if you’ve spent your whole life running from God or done things you regret, He still loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.

God’s love is unconditional and infinite — far, far beyond what even the best of people are capable of. God commands those who follow Him to love one another. Among sincere believers whose hearts God has changed, you can see an imperfect picture of His love.

The Bible is a compilation of the words God gave people so we could know more about Him. The Bible says God loves you whatever state your life is in. These Bible verses serve as a reminder of God’s great, lavish, incredible, unrelenting, and unwavering love.

If you are struggling to believe that God loves you as you are, take some time to think about these verses. You could pray after reading each scripture or journal about one verse each day.

God is the only one who can love you perfectly. And when you have a relationship with God and experience His love, it empowers you to love others the way God loves you.

Everyone needs this type of love, but if you expect it from another person, you will be let down. The only person who is able to love you fully is God. And it gives you the ability to love others in the same manner that God loves you when you establish a connection with Him and feel His love.

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