With God All Things Are Possible, There Is Nothing He Can’t Do

No matter what circumstance you are facing today, we want you to know that with God all things are possible!

With God, all things are possible. He is capable of anything. His ways and timing are always better than anything you can imagine. He may do it differently than you intended, and He may do it later than you anticipated, but His ways and timing are always greater than anything you can conceive.

Matthew 19:26 says, “…with God all things are possible.” The question is what would your life be like if you really lived like you believe it?

If you’re in need of encouragement, look to God first. He would never tell you that you will not succeed. He’ll never tell you your situation is bleak. Instead, He will encourage you that all things are possible in Him. He’ll remind you that He loves you, that He is with you, and that He gives you the power you need to accomplish everything He has asked of you.

No matter how little you have or think you can do, offer it to God, and He will do great things. If you are faithful over a little, you will be made ruler over much (Matthew 25:23). You are exceptional, and you will do extraordinary things because all things are possible with God.

With God, all things are possible. What He started, He’s going to finish. You’re not too old. It is still not too late. You haven’t squandered too many chances. You’re exactly on time. Your wish is about to come true. Your recovery is on its way. Your breakthrough is on the way. Your abundance is on its way.

The closed doors, the delays, the person that did you wrong, God says, “It’s all good. I’m in control. It may not feel good, but if you’ll trust Me, I’m going to use it for your good.” When you understand this principle, life gets much more freeing.

“God, help me to see myself through Your eyes, with the gifts and talents You’ve given me. I believe You made me with great potential because You are a great God. Today, I put my confidence in You and believe that all things are possible with You! In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

We believe in God, and we truly believe that with you, everything is possible. And just because we’re flawed doesn’t mean you can’t participate in our lives since you can see our hearts.

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