What’s More Powerful Than God Bringing You Out Is When God Comes In And Begins To Change Things

God is great and powerful. He gave us strength to conquer everything.

God comes in and gives you favor despite who’s trying to push you down.

He comes in and gives you strength that you can’t explain.

He comes in and gives you the grace to outlast what should stop you.

God has something better planned for you than where you are right now. Promotion doesn’t come from people, promotion comes from the Lord. When it’s your time to be promoted, you will be promoted.

The scripture says, “Every good gift comes from our Father in heaven above.” That good gift may come through people, but it came from God. Your salary may come through your company, but it came from your Heavenly Father. He’s using them as a resource. That contract may have come through a friend, through a connection, but it came from God.

If God comes running every time you have a difficulty, your spiritual muscles will never develop. You’ll never really learn to trust Him. When you’re calm despite what’s coming against you, that’s a sign of maturity. That’s a sign that you’ve developed faith.

Your greatness, courage, and abilities come from your Heavenly Father. Every good thing comes from God!

We weren’t created to live a small life with little goals, little dreams, little influence. God created us to live an abundant life. No matter where you are, you’re not supposed to get stuck at that level and stay there. God is a God of increase. He has something bigger in your future.

Take the limits off of God. Don’t think of all the reasons your dream is not going to work. God wouldn’t have given you the dream unless He already had a way to bring it to pass. He likes to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond.

When you honor God, the storms may come, but when it’s all said and done, you will still be standing. Every morning, remind yourself that you are ready for and equal to anything that comes your way. You can handle it!

God has entrusted us with our children. They are a gift from God. With that gift comes a responsibility to guide them, nurture them, and encourage them to become who they were created to be. Speak words of life that push your children into their destiny, that help release their dreams.

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