Unprecedented Fruit Sizes Leave Viewers in Awe

It’s hard to beat the taste of a refreshing piece of fruit, especially on a hot summer day! Whether you enjoy sweet apples, tart watermelon, or ripe blueberries, adding a lot of these delicious foods in your diet can be quite helpful.

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. There’s no denying that this fall favorite is large, and among the heaviest fruits in the world. Just ask any parent who’s ever carted one around a pumpkin patch!

However, learning how big pumpkins can get may shock you!

Carlos Perez established the national record in Spain back in 2003 when he grew a pumpkin weighing 1,034 pounds! Such a record is challenging to top, and it stood for more than ten years. Shirley Oliver, however, set a new record in 2016 with her 1,116-pound South African pumpkin. Surprisingly, Matthias Wuersching in Germany the same year grew another pumpkin weighing 1,986 pounds. However, the year was not yet done.

In 2016, a Belgian guy by the name of Mathias Willemijns grew a massive Atlantic pumpkin that weighed 2,625 pounds and is regarded as the largest species of fruit in the world! This specimen, which is also known as Belgium’s largest fruit, beat the previous record for the heaviest pumpkin in the world.

Japan generated the biggest apple in the world in 2005. The apple, which Chisato Iwasaki found, weighed 4 pounds, 1 ounce. The Hokuto apple is a spherical, golden fruit with pink stripes that is a cross between the Mutsu and Fuji varieties. In the middle of the growing season, it was harvested.

Did you know jackfruit is often used as a meat substitute? It may sound strange, but it makes a tasty savory dish.

India produced the heaviest jackfruit in the world, measuring 52 inches in circumference and weighing 94.18 pounds. This jackfruit was a whopping 22.5 inches long!

Like pumpkins, watermelons are a common fruit with an average size that is quite massive. Afterall, we don’t make pregnancy jokes about smuggling watermelons for no reason! But even fully developed watermelons are small enough to fit in your cart at the grocery store. Aren’t they?

Chris Kent from the United States produced a 350.5-pound watermelon in 2013 that was the largest ever recorded. He accomplished this feat by using seeds from the Carolina Cross variety. These seeds are soaked in water for an hour before being planted in potting soil indoors. Seeds sprout after roughly three to four days, before being moved outside.

Fruit from one grocery shop to the next frequently has the same appearance, yet organic harvests can provide stunning results. Let’s examine the world’s largest and heaviest fruits!

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