Time Spent With God Is Never Wasted

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” -Mark 1:35

The best way to start every morning is the same way that Jesus did: with prayer. It is in the presence of His Almighty Father that Jesus knew He would receive all He needed to face the day, and it is in His presence that you will receive all you need to face yours.

Spend some time with Him this morning before you head to church, run off to breakfast, or to work or to accomplishing your “to do” list and you’ll see how much better your day will be.

Even when you run away from God, He will still relentlessly pursue after you. Even when you turn away from God, He will still look with unceasing love on you. Even when you stumble and fall, He will still mercifully help you rise up.

God loves you like crazy, and He longs to meet you in your mess, He wants to change you. He will be always there for you — even when others walk away from you.

Sometimes we go through long seasons when our quiet time may feel boring. Yet these moments also push us to seek God more, to find new ways to connect with Him, new ways of prayer and Bible study, new ways of coming closer to Him.

Today’s prayer: Lord, Thank you for filling my lungs with air this morning. I pray that I focus on today rather than yesterday’s worries I can’t control.

May I learn to slow down and embrace Your presence, praying before I start to doubt & let fear kick in. Neither one is welcomed here. Dear God I know that I’m not perfect,I know I have questioned my faith, But thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me another day to start over again.

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