The Two Sisters Recreate The Adorable Pregnant Picture From Their Childhood 25 Years Later

Their childhood fantasies have come true, but this time their kids aren’t balloons; they’re actual humans. a promising sign. Chaulet Barba, 33, and Brie Dietz, 35, had no idea that when they pretended to be pregnant at the same time when they were 6 and 4 years old, respectively, that it would one day turn out to be true. In their costumes, the Californian siblings got the opportunity to recreate their childhood photograph with balloons, only this time they were actually pregnant adults.

“I asked her, “Do you remember that picture? ” when we discovered we were expecting together. It came to mind right away, and even now, more than 25 years later, I can still recall it. Chaulet Barba was told by Dietz.

Their picture was discovered 25 years ago. The two were using hair rollers and hung balloons beneath their nightgowns when the photograph was taken in the 1990s. The sisters then took another photo together while still wearing their jammies, this time lifting their tops to show off their enormous tummies. Barba gave birth to a girl named Gemma in January 2020, while Dietz gave birth to a daughter named Goldie in October 2019.

The little girls are close now, exactly like their mom, so she decided to continue the photo shoot by reenacting their earliest memories air balloon photo with their children. Now in a trio of photos, the latest one of Goldie and Gemma posing with balloons under their own nightgowns.

The now-mother-of-three Dietz said of the decades-long series: “We were happy to have the opportunity to replicate that. It feels like a wonderful sisterly time as well as having been thoroughly played as a child, says the speaker. She hopes that the adorable pictures of her, her sister, and their daughter would bring back great memories for visitors of their own childhoods.

Dietz said. “I hope it reminds everyone of the sweet times when you were in your own little world with your siblings and we just can’t imitate that now in our busy daily lives. mine.”


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