The Beautiful Story Of A 1.2kg Premature Baby With Neonatal Progeria Fought With By A Smile

The reader is moved to tears by the story of a 1.2kg baby’s short life.

The journey from conception to the last moments of the little angel was chronicled by Mother Eline on her Instagram status line. Eline Leonie is the daughter of Michelle Claudine, a Swiss Optician. Leonie caught attention from the public as she has a rare disease called Neonatal Progeria.

Eline is clearly not like “average” babies as early as the 20th week of pregnancy. The stomach is much smaller than it should be, and the heart is much larger than it should be. She paid a visit to an Ultrasound

The doctor recommended that an ss be checked, but “I refused the offer because I was hospitalized at 28 weeks during my pregnancy.” Eline’s mother spoke up once more. ”

Eline exhibited no signs of growth. During an examination, Eline’s s stopped beating for a few seconds and then began to beat quickly again, causing her mother much concern and insecurity. The doctor immediately requested an emergency Eline’s section after this occurrence. Eline was born on November 14, 2019, at 16:26, weighing 1200g and standing 38cm tall. Eline has issues with her ability to develop, as well as heart muscle and digestive issues. Even after extensive study, no one could figure out why Eline had such an unusual genetic defect. “All of my genetic testing, as well as her father’s, have come up with no explanation for why such an unusual condition could develop in my baby.” Eline’s mother spoke up.

The baby can’t breastfeed like other infants, and it’s incredibly difficult for it to eat and drink enough to stay alive. Eline has been fed through a tube since she was born.

Every three hours, food is freshly made and provided to the stomach in liquid form through a soft tube that runs through the nose and esophagus. Also, she would never be able to eat sufficient nutrients without tube feeding. An automated probe regulates food dosing as well as speed. Within 24 hours, Eline receives six meals. Moving onwards, Eline Leonie’s story tells she has a disease. Her baby is not expected as her stomach is much smaller than it should be. Also, her heart is much larger than it should be. And she can’t breastfeed like other babies.

During Eline’s hospital stay, mother Eline told her, “I assure you, my precious Eline, that there is a better world outside the hospital.”

Her mother gave her the name Eline Leonie because she believes, hopes, and wishes for her baby to still fight for her life, as well as her mother’s prayer and safety for her little daughter.

The sense of the name ELINE LEONIE is absolutely perfect:

E L I N E is a Swedish word that means “always light and radiant.” It also means “angel, son of God.”

LEONIE translates to “bring vitality” and “good war.” Leonie is a Latin word that means “to bring vitality.

August 2020 is 1595g, an increase of nearly 400g compared to the time of birth.

Eline would be one year old, which is nothing short of a miracle. ELINE had exceptionally happy and meaningful times with her mother thanks to her mother’s love and care. She reached her first birthday, although she passed away just over 3 months later on March 7, 2021. This path has not been easy, but the bond that exists between Eline and Michelle, her mother, made them both enjoy each other to the fullest.

Thank you for coming into the world, kid, and showing the world how much your mother loves you. You are still missed by us. I adore you a lot. Our guardian angel

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