Thank God For The Privilege Of Being Able To Take Our Needs To The Lord In Prayer

We serve a positive God who spoke life and light into the dark and void when He created this world. He has given us the privilege to do the same—to speak into our situations, to begin to prophesy our future, to direct our life where it needs to go—so that we can obtain the blessings that He has for us.

God will place in your hand whatever you need in order to fulfill your purpose in this life. Don’t fall for the trap of keeping your hands so full that you can’t receive from Him. Let go of the old and embrace the new He has for you!

A relationship with God is an amazing privilege we have to go before the throne of the Creator any time of the day or night with our joys, hopes, concerns, worries, and more! Anything you have on your heart can and should be shared with the Lord.

He s big enough to take our concerns into His hands and personal enough to meet us right where we are. He loves you, He can help you and He longs to hear from you.

The Lord delights in hearing from you and will work in and through you as you pray to Him about what’s on your heart this week. Take advantage of the privilege and opportunity you have to pour your heart out before the God of the universe. Let Him be your bridge from panic to peace.

Prayer is an incredible privilege we have to go before the throne of God anytime with our joys, hopes, concerns, worries, and more! Anything you have on your heart, you can share with the Lord. He longs to hear from you!

When you’re praying, you aren’t just releasing words into an empty atmosphere.  The God of heaven and earth is listening to every prayer you pray. Even in those times when you don’t even know quite what to say, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both interceding on your behalf before the Father (Romans 8:34, Romans 8:26).

Prayer for Today: “Heavenly Father, thank You for the privilege of being Your child. Thank You for the gifts, talents, and abilities that You’ve placed inside of me. Show me how to put actions behind my faith and prepare myself for the open doors You have in store for my future. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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