Talk With God, He Wants To Hear Your Heart

Talk with your Gracious Father. Spending time with Him is a necessity for the well being of your soul, and He longs for it.

Pray not because you fear God or because you merely have this hope for a celestial journey to heaven. Simply pray because you long to be close to Him. Delight in unhindered communing with your Heavenly Father, sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. Time alone with the Holy Spirit is so important.

Jesus withdrew from crowds. He constantly walked in the presence of God. If He needed to be with God in all circumstances— we certainly need to walk and talk with Him.

God is a good friend you can talk to anytime, anywhere. He needs your time. And He wants you to long for Him. You don’t have to use fancy, eloquent words or Christian phraseology to attract His attention.

Talk to Him with a vulnerable heart – heart to Heart, truth to Truth. He is listening to you this morning. May His love stir your hearts affections and your minds attention to Him. Focus on His nearness — as He changes your outlook on today, and as He calms your uncontrollable emotions.

If you are fighting over anxiety or depression today, here’s some weapons for you. I pray that you won’t wake up and walk through life with a heavy heart today, beloved. Peace be with you.

Let God speak and comfort you in this very moment. Let His gentle whisper be heard over the noise of your unending thoughts.

God cares for you. Do you believe that? Really. God cares. He’s very much aware of everything you’re going through. God hears. He hears every unspoken prayer in your heart. Even those times when you’re hurting too much and you can’t utter any word and all you can do is cry.

God sees. He sees the pain you’ve been hiding behind that forced smile in the middle of the crowd. He sees every drop of your tears that fell on that pillow.

God comforts. He’s not just aware of your struggles, but He’s willing to take away all the burden and give you rest. He doesn’t just see your tears but He’ll wipe them and replace them with overflowing joy. He doesn’t just know your heart is broken but He’s willing to make it whole again. And even in the midst of our miserable moments when you feel alone, He was with you.

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