Six Images Depict Dads’ Emotional Responses To Their Wives Giving Birth

In our lives, there have been some truly exceptional, fantastic, and incredible moments. Days like the one we anxiously anticipated and fantasized about for nine months. No matter how it happens whether it’s a vaginal birth, a medication delivery, or a cesarean section giving birth is a great event. Your family is created at this precise instant. The reactions you can record while shooting birth images are worth every second since they are so joyful and filled with so much passion.

“My partner is only able to snap photos for me.” What about them, though? Who can describe how they feel when they witness you being so ferocious and brave when you bring your child into the world? Fathers’ reactions are my favorite subjects to capture because of how shocked, pleased, and delighted they look at their partners. It matters how they respond, too! The memories of this special day are captured and preserved by birth photos.

While many expectant parents desire to know their baby’s sex before giving birth, some would rather be surprised. The second group includes Tempest and Cornell Griffin Jr., and from the look on Cornell’s face in the image above, it was quite a surprise to find out that his wife had just given birth to a daughter. Luckily, birth photographer and parent Sarah Romero was there to document everything.

So much emotion in one beautiful photo. Do you remember how you reacted when you gave birth? What a magical moment and we will never realize how many reactions and amazing moments happen during birth until we see them captured in pictures!

Cutting the cord connecting the infant to its source of life and sending it off to find sustenance on its own can be as vital as catching the child when it descends to Earth, or it can be as “little” as that. Fathers should also be respected. When dad first sees his child, this picture is incredibly moving!

Picture perfect of a dad picking up his long awaited rainbow baby with. It was an honor to hold this mother’s hand while she carried her baby into his father’s arms.

How amazing is this reaction of their new born baby! Great energy passes through this birthing room when there is happiness like this. That moment your baby is placed on your tummy instead of fidgeting in it.


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