Being relaxed feels wonderful. Being nervous, tense, and worried are not so wonderful. Why aren’t more people relaxed? Jesus said if we are weary and overburdened, we should go to Him and He will give us rest, relaxation, and ease (see Matthew 11:28–29).

Relax. God is pleased. We are made acceptable in the Beloved. Our faith in Jesus, not our performance, is what makes us acceptable to God and pleases Him. (Ephesians 1:6)

Jesus wants to teach us the right way to live, which is different from the way most of the world lives.

Many delays in our lives have a divine origin. God is rarely ever early but He is never late according to His timetable. Relax and trust that He is in control of your circumstances. Without faith, relaxation is impossible! If you know you won’t be able to solve your situation, why not relax while God works on it? It sounds easy, but it took many years for me to be able to do this.

I wasted some years trying to be like other people I knew, but I found that God won’t help us be anyone other than ourselves. Relax, learn to accept yourself, and don’t be afraid of not being able to do the tasks at hand. The truth is that none of us can accomplish our goals without God’s assistance.

If you are waiting much longer than you had hoped to, you can get frustrated, angry, and upset, or you can say, “God’s timing is perfect; He is never late. And my steps are ordered by the Lord.” Now you can relax and simply go with the flow of what is happening in your life.

I encourage you to release yourself from the burden of perfectionism. Lighten up, relax, and enjoy life today—with all its imperfections.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now; God has moments of favor for you. You may not be able to figure it out, but that’s okay. That’s not your job. Your job is to believe. God’s already figured it out.

When it comes to things that are out of our control, we can either ruin the day or relax and enjoy it while God is working on the situation. As long as we believe, God keeps working.

Trusting God is simply believing that He loves you, He’s good, He has the power to help you, He wants to help you, and He will help you. Christians are called believers, but many times, we are more like unbelieving believers.

Do you believe God has placed something in you? If you know it, hold fast to your profession of faith. Don’t let circumstances sway your belief. Stand strong on God’s Word because He is faithful, and He will complete what He’s started in your life!

Just because you can do all things through Christ doesn’t mean you should try to do all things! Take time to relax this weekend and spend time enjoying your loved ones.

Prayer Starter: Father, right now I commit all of my cares, concerns and circumstances to You. Allow me to trust You moment by minute, to give You my burdens and relax in Your love, knowing that You have everything under control. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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