Powerful Birth Photos That Celebrate

The moment of your child’s delivery will be one of the most raw and sacred of your entire life. It’s a lot, yes, but it’s also their first moments alive, your first time meeting them, and you’re just recovering from the worst physical stress of your life.

Love between partners, love between families and doctors, and midwives, and that very special love when parents and babies lock eyes for the very first time. Here are some stunning birth photos with captions that document these unforgettable labor, delivery, and postpartum moments.

#1.This baby makes me want to kiss their tiny toes! Is there any sweeter feeling than the warm, heavy feeling of a brand new baby on your chest? Admire this snuggly baby, pretending very hard that they have not quite been born yet.

#2.There’s excitement mixed with apprehension as they check out their new family member. These big brothers are already smitten with their new little sibling.

#3. This photo, captured by Coastal Lifestyles Photography, shows a crying mother holding her baby in what appears to be the. The baby is hooked up to multiple wires and machines, and appears to be have been born prematurely.

#4. Look what this mama just did. She is credible

There’s this new little baby. And there’s this new mom. She is full of power and confidence and has this glow that beams.

#5. We love everything about this photo. The newness of that baby on mama’s chest, the sweet pajamas on the new big sister and drop of blood on the pillow. This is what birth is. It’s a family.

#6. This beautiful photo by Salt City Birth & Newborn Photography captures the joy a couple feels in those first moments together with their new child.

#7. ‘Finally holding our rainbow baby in our arms.’ You can see the relief and the love wash over her face.

#8. So much love

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