Photographer Captures Breathtaking Images Of Niagara Falls Bathed In Colour For Annual Illuminations Show

Niagara Falls comes alive at night with a year-round brilliant illumination show. “Inspired by Nature,” a new nightly lighting display, will highlight colours and motions found in nature.  It includes sunrise, sunset, rainbow and aurora borealis.

The sensational images below were captured by photographer Rajeev Nair, from Connecticut, US, during an annual light show at Niagara Falls. As it crashes into the river below, cascading curtains of water are illuminated in a rainbow of hues, glowing bright pink, blue, and yellow against the night sky.

Nair said of his work: ‘I have always dreamt of taking such photos – I have a special interest in waterfalls and seascapes and Niagara Falls provided me with a great opportunity to fulfil my interests.

‘I think the Niagara light show is one of the most beautiful attractions and I was determined to capture it in my lifetime.’

Mr. Nair, 34, painstakingly awaited each evening the ideal moment to capture the illuminations, holding out until one hour after sunset to capture the breathtaking blue hour.

He said: ‘Taking the pictures at this time helped to create the silky effect of the falls due to the long exposure.

‘This way you can also capture all the details of the light falling on the Niagara Falls.

‘After taking a couple of photos, I started to get the desired effect and composition. Then it was just a matter of taking pictures at each change in the colour.’

The magnificent illumination of the falls has been organised by local authorities since 1925. It is constantly changing, as each of of the falls glows in a rainbow of colours to complete the vast, awe-inspiring sight.

Every evening, with this tribute to the natural splendour all around us, see the great American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls as never before. Water flows over the crest at a rate of more than six million cubic feet (168,000 m3) per minute, crossing the border between the US state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario.

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