Parents Were Ready To Say Goodbye To Newborn Baby When The Ventilator Stopped, Then He Immediately Started Breathing

Most moms will agree pregnancy and labor can be a scary time and all you want is to deliver a healthy baby, kicking and screaming.

But when a baby boy was born with medical problems that required him to be on a ventilator, one mother was forced to deal with the unimaginable.

In addition to posting a picture of her adorable grandchild who was born to her daughter Chelsea, Lisa Hough also revealed the unbearably difficult choice that her daughter had to make.

The mom of three and nana of two said her grandson Karson had been born with many medical complications.

“The only way to describe what happened is that this beautiful little boy suffered two very rare traumas that are completely unrelated,” Lisa wrote on Facebook.

She added her newborn baby grandson had suffered a “hemorrhage in the left temporal lobe” and had also been diagnosed with a rare, genetic, metabolic disorder called Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH).

“His case is presented as severe and would cause him to be severely neurologically impaired – functioning at a 2-3 month old level at best for his lifetime,” Lisa wrote.

Given all the facts from the medical professionals surrounding her, his mother took the extraordinarily difficult choice to remove him from life support.

Lisa described the painful time they had to bid their adorable child farewell.

“While we weren’t ready to say goodbye to Karson, we had come to terms with the inevitable. We were given 10 minutes after withdrawing intensive care and the ventilator and told he would not breath on his own and to expect his heart to stop within those 10 minutes.”

Once the ventilator was turned off, Karson’s heart rate returned to normal and he began breathing on his own. “Now, 5 hours later, here we are with this miracle baby who was told he would never breathe, swallow, or survive. He’s breathing without help,” Lisa wrote.

The doctors could not give answers to what happened. Their only possible explanation was that a miracle had happened.

“I’m not sure why I ever believed we weren’t deserving of a miracle. Although I don’t know how much time we have left with him, he is currently present,” the grandmother wrote.

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