Letter To My Little Baby

When I found out that you would come, I cried, because it was the meaning of a new beginning in my life and I was afraid of not being ready for you.

However, little by little I began to feel that your growth inside me filled me with a force that I did not imagine. ever have, although my fears were still anxious for your arrival.

Giving natural birth is a total miracle, but doesn’t mean it’s easy. I became more sensitive and I could feel how everything in me was changing, from the shape of my body to the way I see things.

Now I only care about being the best mother for you, filling you with the greatest love you can have and protecting you until the end of my days.

For me, there is no greater feeling than the moment I met you and hold your tiny body to pressed up against mine. One of the sweet joys of motherhood I cherish deeply.

I love you and will love you forever! 💗

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