LET’S US PRAY, In Jesus’s Name We Pray, Amen!

God is up to something in your life. He knows what is in your future and He is preparing you. If there is a yes in your heart, it is because God placed it there. It’s time to act on your yes. It’s not in you by accident. Let the yes drown out the no that is trying to talk you out of what God has put in your heart.

Just one word: rest. Rest in God’s peace. Believe that “the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). Abide in His joy, for that’s where you’re going to find your strength to endure. Don’t let joy elude you. And don’t think joy is happiness.

We all want to be happy, and we all want things to go our way, but happiness comes and goes. Joy abides in us and is a gift from Almighty God. Realize that the joy of the Lord is His calm delight. It’s rest in Him. It’s peace in Him. Don’t let the enemy steal your joy. Remember, it abides in you. It’s God’s gift that will take you from strength to strength.

We all have a heart of compassion that God wants to work through toward others, and it can either be open or shut. If it is shut off, God’s love cannot flow out of it. But if we’re going to live the abundant life that God has given us, we need to stir up our hearts of compassion and say, “God, open my heart and my eyes to see the people who need my love today.”

Father, you have wake us up because of your love and mercy upon us. As we start our day, May your love, favor and protection be upon us. Give us wisdom to manage the day and heal our land. We pray with thanksgiving in our hearts.

Dear God! We thank you, for this far you’ve brought us. You didn’t bring us this far to have us stop along the way, no but to take us to our promised destination. We bring burdens to you who know our situations. Protect, provide to us, and comfort our hearts; give us courage to soldier on. We pray with thanksgiving in our hearts. In Jesus’s Name We Pray. Amen!

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