Keep Putting God First, Honor Him With Your Life

Everything God asks us to do is for our good—His heart is always to show us the way to righteousness, peace, and joy, because He loves us so much (see Isaiah 58:11).

God created us for intimacy with Him— that is something to be in awe of and thankful for. If you’ll keep putting God first place, His blessings will chase you down. His favor will come looking for you.

Putting God first is a daily battle that requires daily decisions. Trust God to give you the strength to yourself daily.

You don’t have to live worried or stressed out. Keep God first place. Honor Him with your life, and you will come into destiny moments where you see God supernaturally protecting you.

The thing many of us don’t know—or even forget—is that we can never be truly fulfilled or have the satisfaction we desire apart from God. He made us for His joy and delight, and we’ll always be missing something in the depths of our hearts if we don’t live in close connection with Him. He offers us life as a gift, and we can live it fully and joyously when we freely give it back to Him.

What we need to do is check what the world teaches us against what God teaches us and always go with God, because God needs to be first in our life in all things.

God is directing our steps not just when everything is going our way, not just when the doors open, but even when the doors close God is still in control.

God is a sovereign God. We’re not going to understand why everything happens. There are some things God doesn’t remove, some situations He waits a long time to change. You have to trust that He knows what’s best for you.

Prayer Starter: Father, thank You for the gift of friendship with You through Jesus, and for always guiding me to truth.  Help me to use the faith You’ve already given me to stand in faith for [say what’s on your heart. I know that whatever Your will is for my life will come to pass if I keep going forward and trusting You to do what I can’t do.  I want to grow closer to You than I’ve been before, so I give You my life afresh today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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