Joel’s New Powerful Message, “Expect God’s Best”

Are you accepting things that are less than God’s best? Have you adapted to a limited environment? Dare to break out. Nothing will be sadder than to come to the end of life and realize what you could have become.
When you keep your heart open, expectant and filled with faith, God goes to work. God will take your faith in Him and turn it into the provision you need!

Great expectations make for great lives. Expect God’s favor. Expect to have your best year so far.  Expect every negative situation to turn around.
No matter how many disappointments you’ve encountered, God can turn things around for you in a split second of time! In a short second, God can turn everything around for you! Relationships can be restored with just a touch of His favor!
That problem you’re having today can be solved with just a smidgeon of His kindness! One touch from the Almighty God can completely transform your life!

There’s always a reason for a delay. We may not understand it—sometimes it’s just a test of our faith—but don’t get discouraged and give up. While you’re waiting for a situation to turn around, if you’ll pass the test of keeping a good attitude, you won’t miss out on God’s best.
God doesn’t deliver us from every challenge, most of the time, He takes us through the challenge.
We create much of our own unhappiness by the way we respond to negative things and how we approach life. When you develop the habit of always thinking about God’s goodness and seeing the best, life goes so much better. That’s how you have joy despite what’s happening.
Keep believing, keep trying and keep doing what you can, and at the right time, things will fall into place. What God’s got planned for you is bigger than you imagined, better than you dreamed, and more fulfilling than you thought possible.
If you expect the worst, you won’t be disappointed. If you expect to see God’s goodness in your life, you won’t be disappointed, either.
Expect God to do something amazing this week! He will meet you at your level of expectancy and then go beyond your wildest dreams.
What are you expecting today? Your life goes in the direction of your expectancy. Some people set their day in the wrong direction by meditating on what’s wrong. Instead, set yourself up for success by always expecting to see God’s best!

PRAYER FOR TODAY: God, each day I come before You with my joys, my concerns, my praises, and my requests. I’ll be patiently and eagerly awaiting Your response. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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