Joel Osteen’s Motivation, “The Goodness of God”

God’s dream for your life is much bigger than your own. God wants to take you further than you’re expecting.

God wants to open doors that you could never open on your own. Paul said in Ephesians 3:20, “God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

That means whatever you’re believing for, whatever you’re dreaming about, God wants to take that and make it bigger, better and more rewarding than you can ever imagine. God has already made His decision; He’s already decided to bless you. Now it’s up to you to believe and receive it.

Joel will teach you how to believe God and get into agreement with Him. Your belief is what allows God to supersize your life, and that’s when He’ll exceed your expectations.

God has it all figured out. He knows what you’re going to need. He knows who you’re going to need. He’s lined up the good breaks, the right people. He’s directing your steps. Paul talked in Ephesians about the surpassing greatness of God’s favor. You’re going to come into these times where you see God surpass anything you’ve seen. You couldn’t have made it happen. It’s just the goodness of God.

When God says He’s going to open the windows of heaven in your life, that doesn’t mean He’s going to do a minor thing, He is going to send a flood of His goodness. He’s going to do something major to where you step back and say, “Wow, I never saw that coming.” All you can say is that it was the goodness of God.

It’s easy to focus on what’s wrong in your life. But when you press through and focus on the goodness of God, when you focus on what’s right in your life, that’s what will carry you to the next level!

When you anchor yourself to the goodness of God and the promises of His Word, you will overcome the circumstances around you and live in victory every day.

More than ever, our world needs to see and experience the love and goodness of God, people who will love unconditionally and take time to help. For us to be exceptional, God wants us to be people who are willing to open our hearts of compassion and follow God’s divine flow of love.

Today, are you looking for the rain of God’s favor in your life? Keep expecting, keep believing and keep looking for His goodness! God is longing to be good to those who are looking for Him.

You are a product of God’s goodness and grace. His grace is enabling you! It’s His power to overcome. If you are going through some serious challenges today, let His grace cover you. Grace finds a way when you can’t seem to hope.

God promises that living a life of fearlessness and freedom is not only possible, but a natural outflow of the interaction between His goodness and grace and our attitudes and actions. Choosing to believe this promise is the first very important step to living the life you want to live.

God’s blessings aren’t based on your goodness; they are based on His goodness. God is faithful, and because Christ is worthy, you are worthy in Him. Receive that truth and find confidence in Him!

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