Joel Osteen (September-17-2022) Daily Devotional: Feel The Burn

Today’s Scripture: Romans 12:11, AMPC  –  Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord.

Today’s Word: In today’s Scripture, the apostle Paul didn’t say, “Never lag in faith, in confidence, or in experience.” He says, “Never lag in zeal.”

He was saying, “If you stay passionate about your dreams and what God promised, if you don’t lag in zeal, then what you’re lagging in will eventually turn around. If you remain ablaze and burning with the Spirit, the healing, the confidence, the abundance, and the appropriate people will come even if you are behind in financial resources, friendships, or good health. The key is to keep that passion in your spirit.”

Maybe you’re sitting in the ashes looking at what you lost, what didn’t work out, what you’re up against. You could easily live discouraged. It may feel like a wildfire, but the truth is, it’s a controlled burn. If you weren’t going to get better, God wouldn’t have let it. Seeds of expansion, seeds of healing, and seeds of destiny are about to sprout. It was unfair, but when you come out on the other side stronger, healthier, more confident, more fulfilled, you’re going to say, “Look what the Lord has done!” There was freedom in the fire. There were new levels in the fire.

The Scripture says, “Our faith is tried in the fire of affliction.” There will be times that you don’t understand what’s happening. But even though it’s uncomfortable, if you’ll have the right attitude, you’re going to come out refined, more valuable, and separated from the things that are holding you back.

All the circumstances may suggest you’re stuck, but God is not limited by your circumstances. He doesn’t wait for the conditions to be favorable. If you’ll have an expectant heart, God will show up and do the miraculous in your life in His perfect timing.

God knows what’s in you. He uses these steps to stretch us, to develop us, to get us prepared for the next level. The journey is more important than the destination. If you’re not prepared in the journey, if you don’t learn what you’re supposed to learn along the way, you won’t be able to handle where God is taking you.

When you see someone in need, discouraged, fighting a battle, don’t be passive. Speak faith over their life. Be the warrior that stands in the gap. Remind the forces of darkness they cannot have them. Lift them up in prayer. Take time to encourage them. Let them know that they’re not alone. Sometimes, all someone needs to lift their spirit is just a simple text saying, “I’m praying for you. You’re going to get through this.”

Prayer for Today: Father, I worship You with all my heart because You are worthy Almighty God. Thank You that I can keep my faith aglow and burning because You have given Your Spirit to dwell in me. I will not let the enemy steal my joy or my praise, and I will not lag in zeal. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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