Joel Osteen and Victoria’s Two Kids Jonathan And Alexandra Are Involved In The Ministry

Victoria and Joel were blessed with Jonathan and Alexandra in the 1990s. The couple tried as much as possible to involve their kids in the ministry, and it paid off since Jonathan and Alexandra are included in their church. The children’s involvement in the church has led to a tighter family unit. Victoria continued:

“We carve out time for each other… We are with our children, we always travel together with our children on what we call our Nights of Hope, whenever we are doing ministry outside. We are all together as a family which we just have the luxury of doing… That’s really kept our family strong. It’s let our children be a part of what we are doing… They’ve got that seed, that foundation of the ministry…”

Jonathan appears to be more interested in having a leading role in the church. He has a degree in screenwriting, and he attempted to have a career in Hollywood, but he came back to Lakewood to serve in the church. Victoria talked about Jonathan’s decision:

“He came back and he said, ‘I really feel like I’m supposed to be here at the church, working in the ministry, trying to do what I can do to help, you know, this message go out further… That’s beauty to a mom’s ears, and then to see him take it a step further and write songs, write messages, be in the creative team, service flow, just so many things that he is involved in and has opinions about…”

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