Introducing “Shiver”: The Bone-Chilling Tree Reflecting the Lifeblood of Humanity

Mother Nature generously bestows countless wonders upon humanity, including an abundance of peculiar phenomena. One of them, possibly the most amazing, leaves many people in awe because when its trunk is removed, the tree pours a blood-like red sap.

At first glance Corymbia opaca is very similar to many other plants, but it is only when they are “injured” by a certain cut that they are truly different. Because this plant will appear dark red liquid streaks like blood that look very scary.

Although they appear to be similar to other types on the surface, cutting a line on the trunk causes streaks of dark crimson liquid to flow. The “blood” of this desert blood plant is not liquid like water, but rather thick and sticky like glue. They flow down in streams and then quickly dry, clinging to the trunk.

Not only noted for their strange “blood”, Corymbia opaca is also known for their wonderful uses. According to studies, Australian aborigines frequently collect tree sap (which contains a significant quantity of tannin, a chemical frequently used in medicine) to make medicines to cure various illnesses, including colds. Although not harmful to humans, the sight of this sap must have made many people shudder.

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