Hidden Underwater Christian Statue Of The Deep

WHILE FIGURES OF THE DIVINE and the decorative abound in densely populated areas, rarely do you see honored artistry in the middle of nowhere. The Christ of the Abyss statue in San Fruttuoso, Italy, hopes to change that in some small way.

Artists and communities from all over the world have been moved to embellish even the ocean floor with monuments of Jesus and the saints. They remind divers that Jesus is Lord of everything, even the deep ocean.

“Christ of the Abyss” near San Fruttuoso, Italy

This 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture by Italian artist Guido Galletti was submerged about 56 feet off the coast of San Fruttuoso between Camogli and Portofino on August 22, 1954.

With its outreached arms and upward gaze, it’s hard to decide whether the statue is sublime. Regardless, it’s worth taking a 55-foot dive down to snap an underwater selfie with Jesus

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