Here Are 5 Quick Facts About Joel And Victoria Osteen’s Daughter Alexandra Osteen

Alexandra Osteen is Joel and Victoria Osteen’s only child. Alexandra’s parents, unlike many other celebrities, have no links to the film business or any other career. They are well-known God preachers in the United States. Joel Osteen is one of America’s most popular preachers. Besides, he is a televangelist and an author of several books related to God. Similarly, Victoria Osteen is also an American author and co-pastor of the Lakewood Church founded by her father-in-law and Joel Osteen’s father, John Osteen.

Alexandra has been an integral part of her parents’ journey in the course of sharing God’s words. So, lately, she also has been a part of media scrutiny. Hence, let’s know some quick facts about Joel Osteen’s daughter with Victoria Osteen, Alexandra Osteen.

Youngest Child Of Joel Osteen And Victoria Osteen

Alexandra Osteen is the youngest child and the only daughter of Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen. Alexandra Osteen was born on the 9th of November 1998, in Houston, Texas, USA, to Victoria Iloff and Joel Osteen. She is the younger child in her family, with an older brother named Jonathan, three years older than her.

Like her brother, Jonathan, Alexandra also graduated from the University of Texas. She bagged her degree from UT recently in May 2020.

An Emerging Singer And Band Member Of LYA

Alexandra Osteen is an American Gospel singer, but probably best known for being the daughter of popular televangelists Victoria and Joel Osteen.

Joel Osteen’s daughter, Alexandra Osteen, has been surrounded by God’s work since her early childhood. She grew up with her brother, Jonathan, in the Lakewood Church’s ministry.

During her childhood, Alexandra spent a lot of time in and around the church, and as a result developed a passion for singing and performing on stage as early as the age of five, which would later on lead to a successful career as a gospel singer.

Furthermore, Victoria Osteen’s daughter Alexandra Osteen is also a member of the Lakewood Church’s band LYA, where her brother is the lead vocalist. The LYA band consists of four members, Alexandra, her brother, Jonathan, Abel Orta, and Louie Garcia.

An Instagram Star

Alexandra Osteen, Joel Osteen’s lovely daughter, is a social media sensation, primarily on Instagram. Alexandra’s Instagram page has over 51K followers as of December 2020, with over 3000 likes on each post.

Alexandra Osteen usually shares pictures of enjoying her life with her friends and family traveling several places, and attending various functions.

Alexandra Osteen’s Love Life

Concerning her personal life and relationships, the singer is not in any known romantic relationship. Alexandra is yet to be linked to any partner and she hasn’t been involved in any rumors or controversies regarding relationships.

Joel Osteen’s daughter is still young, and probably, her main focus might be on her studies and career-building rather than spending time on relationships. She is enjoying her single life, hanging out with her friends and family. For now, her best dating partners are her parents and brother.

Name Meaning: Alexandra Osteen

The Greek-origin female name Alexandra means defender of humankind.

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