Here Are 3 Things That God Has Promised Today And Forever

God never changes, which means His promises are always trustworthy no matter what the situation.

Here are 3 things that He has promised today and forever:

#1 God is with us.

The Psalmist (most likely King David) says he fears no evil because the Lord is with him.

God on your side, His power can transform and sustain you. God is the power source.

Nothing is stronger than God, so what is there to fear if we know that God is walking through the valley with us?

#2 God will direct us along His path.

The rod and staff of a shepherd was used to keep wayward sheep on the safe path with the rest of the herd.

As our shepherd, the Lord uses His rod and staff to redirect us when we start to veer off course.

What we want isn’t always what is right, our God knows the best for us. It is our job to trust His path nor ours.

#3 God’s presence and direction will comfort us.

God’s comfort doesn’t mean we won’t be afraid or that there won’t be some really hard days. It means the Lord will have compassion on us, console us during the hardest times and comfort us all along the way.

God tells us how to be in peace. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3).

You don’t need to measure problems according to your own abilities, you are blessed by faith to be able to choose to hand the situations you cannot manage yourself, over to God … and He will do the rest.

Safeguard your thoughts and keep God foremost in your mind. Pause to pray and praise Him when you wake up and during your day sit in God’s presence and know that He is with you wherever you go.

We trust that even the valleys are a part of God’s larger story, and whatever decisions He makes, we want this situation to be used for His glory.

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