No matter how we feel, we need to magnify God above all else and step out in faith to do whatever He asks us to do.

We never have to be afraid of God. We should have reverential fear, meaning a respectful awe, of Him, but He does not want us to lack confidence when we face Him. The Bible tells us to come “fearlessly and confidently and boldly” to the throne of grace and make our requests known.

Do you know what your Father has given you? Do you know you have the key to unlock every door to your destiny? You didn’t get shortchanged. God didn’t say, “I can’t trust you.” God has great confidence in you. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Why don’t you start trying that key? Believing that you have what you need.

Don’t go through life thinking you’re locked out, you can’t reach your dreams, you can’t overcome that obstacle, you’ll never meet the right person. You have the key. Your Heavenly Father has given you everything you need to fulfill your purpose.

We cannot operate in boldness and fear at the same time. We may “feel” fear, but we must not bow down or give in to it; we can approach God with confidence.

In our society today, we have an epidemic of insecurity. The world is full of people who lack confidence. Our confidence is to be placed in Christ alone and in His love for us. We are to put no confidence in the flesh, but to be bold and courageous in Christ.

As you keep saying what God says about you, those words take root. That freedom you’re speaking is developing. That health you’re declaring, the talent, the confidence, the discipline, is increasing. You’re going to come to a point where you see what you’ve been saying. You’re not speaking it by faith anymore. Now, it’s a reality.

You can live with confidence, knowing that God is for you, with you, and wants you to succeed. You may feel discouraged and defeated, but God is ready to give you victory and empower you to win!

Begin to believe today that from now on you will step out in faith to do whatever He asks you to do. Don’t draw back in fear and timidity, but go all the way through to the finish of each task.

When you know the Lord is on your side, it gives you a confidence, a boldness. You don’t fall apart when opposition comes. Your attitude is, “You’re messing with the wrong person. I may look ordinary, but I have a secret: the Most High God, the Creator of the Universe is on my side.”

Prayer Starter: Father, deliver me from insecurity and a lack of confidence. Help me be bold and courageous. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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