God’s Goodness Provides Our Blessings, And Being Thankful For Those Blessings Allows Us To Keep Them

I don’t think we can have a problem for which God’s Word does not have the answer. His Word uplifts us, empowers us, cures us, corrects us, enlightens us, and blesses us in a variety of ways. Never think of prayer or Bible study as a chore to be completed; instead, think of it as a pleasure to be savored.

God delights in providing for His children. We must realize that He loves to bless us and simply learn to live with gratitude for His goodness. As we’re faithful to God; He’ll release His favor on us and bless us for our faithfulness. Sometimes it can come in big gestures, but there are many times that God “winks” at us, letting us know He’s here for us.

God is aware of everything we need, and He knows exactly how and when to provide it for us. If we trust Him, we shall witness Him act on our behalf and accomplish things in our lives that we could never accomplish on our own.

When God accepted us, He knew all of our flaws, and He will never reject us because of them. God forgives our sins and remembers them no more, so you can stop remembering what God has forgotten.

We need to always put God first, and let God give us what He wants us to have, which will be much more than we can ever get on our own.

You got to learn how to think right before you can live right. God has got a good plan for your life, but if you don’t believe it, God’s not going to be able to do it.

Jesus has forgiven us for a bigger debt than anyone on earth could possibly owe us, because He loves us deeply (see Romans 5:8). When we receive His forgiveness, we can respond to people who’ve hurt us with that same forgiveness and mercy without expecting them to pay us back. As we do that, we’ll become more and more peaceful and free from the hurts of the past.

God’s goodness certainly is amazing, and we don’t deserve all the wonderful things He does for us, but He does want us to graciously receive them with an attitude of gratitude. Learn to be a good receiver!

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