When we desire something in life, where do we head to? Is it, to our friends, our neighbors or somebody at our workplace? We turn to man’s assistance most frequently. However, what does the Bible indicate when it says to seek the Lord while he may be found and to call on him while he is close by?- Isaiah 55:6.

How many times have we been so ill and weary that our faith has left us? But God has appeared right in front of us comforting us and giving us hope?

So my question to you is have you been seeking the Lord all this while? If not, do so right now for He is much closer to you than you can think of, Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, he’s there. He is always prepared to assist you, to reach out to you, and to transform your grief into joy.

When Jesus walked this earth 2000 years ago, He worked great miracles, healing the sick. This same Jesus is here, even today. You need to call out to Him and He’s there for you, “The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth” Psalm 145:18.

You should never hesitate to call out to Jesus. Your requests will all be granted. Put your trust in the Lord. All those who call on Him will find Him nearby. You only need to look for Him.

In life there are many paths we can take. Sometimes choosing  a path can be difficult or even stressful. Some may worry about choosing the wrong path. In these difficulties, it is easy to become lost and overwhelmed. But we must remember our God in Heaven. We have to call out to Him, acknowledge Him and ask for His mercy and guidance and He will guide us according to His perfect will.

The Lord hears and understands you in any language, even before you speak. He knows. When a loved one’s words said to comfort do not heal, look within; to the One alive that leads and brings all healing, comfort, and discernment.

Read scripture, even through your tears shed seeking the Lord; ask in faith and let God amaze you again today. He has brought us all through many seasons of despair and given blessed life; the fruit we may not see in our earthly journey.

God keeps all the faithful buds that spring forth from the Seed we plant along the Way and brings the full Harvest…God is pleased; will grace you to go in His purpose as He has brought you strong, and highly-favored to…today. Press on, beloved faithful warrior; the battle is One.

Prayer: Mighty God, I come into your presence and place all my needs before you. Touch me, cleanse me and make me whole Lord. May I glorify your name and stand as a testimony to your name. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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