God Is Good, God Is Real, He Is The Only Light In This World And God Has No Fear

God is not blind. He’s not deaf – He hears your prayers. He understands everything that you’re facing with excellent detail. What obstacles are you currently facing today as you read this mornings devotional? Financial crisis? Failed Marriage? Frustrating Relationships? Falling into temptations

I may not know your struggles. I may not be able to relate to the slightest degree the cloud of suffering that you’re walking through right now. But I do know that we serve a loving Father whose love never forsakes His children in times of trouble.

The obstacles you face in life are never enough to stop you. Struggles can be “blessings in disguise”. Because of these, we’re actually reminded to fully depend on God. What areas have you allowed your faith to grow dim?

These are the moments when we realize how much we badly need Him.

The problem is that you’re waiting for perfect conditions that don’t exist. Nothing in this life is perfect but God. Everything that happens in life takes place according to God’s perfect plan in this imperfect world.

The antidote to our worry is worship. Deep worship arises with a heart of gratitude and a perspective fixed on the cross in spite of the deep pain we may be facing, thanking God during a hard test, trusting Him through temptation, wholehearted surrendering while miserably suffering, and loving Him when He feels to be distant.

God’s grace enables and empowers us to endure hardships! Grow through what you go through.

God’s mercy is our hope because it is based on who He is in spite of ourselves. It’s an essential thing to believe in God but how cool is it to know that He also believes in you!

He knew every part of you and still called you into His Kingdom with an everlasting love. His arms are always open and His grace never runs out. So you can turn to him no matter where you are. The truth is, He never left you in the first place.

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