God Doesn’t Love Us Because Of Who We Are, God Loves Us Because Of Who He Is

Encouragement for your day! You can measure me — my height, width and weight. You can measure the room you are currently laying, sitting, or standing in — how wide, how long, how high the ceilings, how low the floor. You can measure time in minutes, hours, days and years. But God’s love — it can’t be measured.

God’s love is bigger than earth itself, our galaxy or universe. It’s older than the oldest man — older than life. Before time, there was God’s love. God’s love is infinite. This means that it has no beginning and it has no end. It goes on forever.

God’s love — you can’t climb over it, walk around it, dig a hole under it or cut a tunnel through it. We will never understand God’s love. But in our hearts: We can KNOW it. We can INVITE it in. We can FEEL it. We can SPREAD it.

God’s love will never run out. The more we give it to others, the more we’ll have left to share. God’s love brings us smiles when we’re sad, gives us strength when we’re tired.

When we’re filled with God’s love, where can selfishness, pride and hate live? Today, when it comes to God’s love, just smile and KNOW it. It’s in your heart, so go ahead and SHOW it!

We cannot fathom God’s love for us. But because He lives through us we get a glimpse of how great His love is by how much we love each other. No matter what you do, or what mistakes you make God will continue to love you.

​​The love that God has for you is eternal and all encompassing. The perfect love that God is, is actually directed toward you, right here and right now.

You participate in the eternal love of God by faith, It is simply a matter of saying yes to God’s desire to know you and you experience His love in relationship to your faith. ​Take a moment of stillness and connect to that love right now. Give thanks for God is good!

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